SA Series

Model : SA200, SA300, SA500, SA600, SA900
8ohm Stereo Power : 250w - 1200w
4ohm Stereo power : 400w - 2000w
2ohm Stereo Power : 500w - 2400w
BTL : 650w - 1650w
Frequency Respons : 20Hz-20KHz
Total Harmonic distortion : <0.05%
IMD : 0.05%
Slew rate :100V/uS
Input impedance : 50ohm
Signal noise ratio : >105dB
Input sensitivity : 0.755V

SA series Amplifier is a new generation product with hight standard of professional audio system engineering. it is designed for performance, entertainment projects whicht require continuous high power output. And there are six power grades,from 250W to 650W per channel under 8 ohms. What is more, this series is suitable for travel performance, disco, multi-functional conference hall, bar, nightclubs and other which required power output of edge continued occasions.

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