P5000S, P7000S

2ohm stereo : 1300Wx2 - 1600Wx2
4ohm Bridge : 2600w - 3200w
4ohm Stereo : 750Wx2 1100Wx2
8ohm Stereo 230V : 525Wx2 - 750Wx2/650Wx2
Power bandwidth : 10Hz-40KHz
Total harmonic distortion 0.1% (20Hz-20KHz) Less than 0.1% (20Hz-20KHz; Halfpower)
Frequency respons : 0,+0.5, -1dB; 20Hz-50kHz
S/N Ratio : More than 104dB
(DIN)Rasidual output noise(DIN) : -70dB/Less than-70dB
Crosstalk : -70dB/Less than-70dB
Damping factor : 35dB/more than-350dB
Maximum voltage gain : 32.1dB
8ohm input sensitivity @8ohms : +8dB
Processor : HPF/LPF(25Hz-150,12dB/Oct)
I/O Connectors : SPEAKON/ch5-/ch 5-way binding post
Protection Circuit : POWER ON/OF, POWER switch ON/OF
Cooling : Dual variable-spee fan
Power requirements : AC 120V, 230V or 240V/60Hz
Power Consumption : 500w - 650w

Realible,Professional-quality power amplification for a board rangr of application.
in 4ohm bridged mode the P7000S delivers 3200watts, the P5000S 2600watts. Independent sweepable hight-pass and low pass filters on each channel so you can optomize output for subwoofer or full range system.
Neutrik speakon output jacks and 1/4-ich TRS jacks are provided for channel input.
Variable-speed fans offer quiet, efficient cooling.
Comprehensive protection includes power on/off muting, DC detection, thermal protection, current limiting, and a protective cover for the attenuators.

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