RMV Series

Model : RMV18-4, RMV24-4, RMV34-4
Maximum Levels
Mic input : 30dB
Line input : 21dB
All other input : 22dBu
Mixed rated output
Main outs : +4 dBu
All other outs : +4 dBu
Maximum output : 22dBu
Frequency Response
Mic input to main output : +0,-1dB,<10Hz to 80kHz. +0,-3dB,<10Hz to 120kHz
Connection Impedances
Mic inputs : 2k ohms
Line inputs : >10k ohms
Outputs : >100 ohms

10/18/26 mono + 4stereo inputs, 2returns
4Band EQ, HM and LM swept
With direct output
6 AUX sends, 4groups, 1main out, 2mixed matrix outputs
Additional with jacks for TALKBACK
48V DC phantom power

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