ZED Series

Model : ZED-12FX, ZED-22FX
Chanel : 6mono+3stereo, 8CH
Chanel EQ : 3 Band
AUX : 3stereo, 1stereo
Return : 2stereo, 1stereo
Effect : 16DSP 18Hz-18kHz
Main out : 30W
Phantom power : 48V DC
USB stereo i/o

DuoPre Mic preamplifier
6/10/16 mono channels with insert point
3 Dual stereo input channels
Stereo USB soundcard built-in;
6 designed FX built-in
3 aux sends for monitors or FX
100mm professionalmusiQ3 band EQ with swept-mid band
Extra ALT out for mix position monitor speaker
Robust individual PCB construction.

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