CA Series

Model : CA6, CA8, CA12, CA18, CA20
8ohm Stereo power : 400W, 520W, 800W, 1100W, 1300W
4ohm Stereo power : 600W, 780W, 1200W, 1800W, 1950W
2ohm Stereo power : 800W, 1040W, 1600W, 2200W, 2600W
8ohm BTL : 1200W, 1560W, 2400W, 3600W, 3900W
4ohm BTL : 1600W, 2080W, 3200W, 4400W, 5000W
Frequency respone : 20Hz-20kHz +0/-0.3dB

CA series have 2U-3U higher selection, and 150W-1300W power area, CA series had some pursuits for faster of reaction speed higher of damping factor, and greater function, higher level of protect function,production technology of SDM excellent component. Amplifier of CA also can endure 2ohm stereo load, bridge 4ohm load, suit for drive line array speaker system.

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